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 Blesok no. 99 November-December, 2014
  Rebecca West: Black Lamb and Gray Falcon
  Sonja Srinivasan: The Need for a National Writer?
 Blesok no. 98 September-October, 2014
  Usha Akkela: Can’t Color It Away
  Luigi Pirandello: On Humor
 Blesok no. 97 July-August, 2014
  Trajanka Kortova: The Silence of the Subaltern and the Epistemic Violence of Imperialism
  Virginia Woolf: The Death of the Moth
 Blesok no. 96 May-June, 2014
  Afrodita Nikolova: A discussion of "Angel Levin" by Malamud
 Blesok no. 95 March-April, 2014
  Michel Eyquem de Montaigne: Three Essays
  Charles Lamb: Dream Children
 Blesok no. 94 January-February, 2014
  George Orwell: Why I write?
 Blesok no. 93 November-December, 2013
  Mira Bekar: Language as Social Action in E-communication
 Blesok no. 92 September-October, 2013
  Jordan Šišovski: Martin Heidegger on Poetic Dwelling
 Blesok no. 91 July-August, 2013
  Kristina Dimovska: “The Call of Cthulhu” as read through the concept of estrangement
  Elizabeta Bakovska: The Self-Perception of the Macedonian Women Writers, or: I Am Not a Woman Writer
 Blesok no. 90 May-June, 2013
  Nataša Avramovska: The Fairy Tale and the Magical: The Chronotope of the South-Slavic Balkans
  Vladimir Martinovski: Poetics of Travel, Traveling of Poet(ic)s
 Blesok no. 89 March-April, 2013
  Marija Gjorgjieva Dimova: Competitive and/or Complementary Memories?
 Blesok no. 88 January-February, 2013
  Loreta Georgievska Jakovleva: National Identity and Popular Croatian Soap Operas
  Elizabeta Bakovska: Is It Barbaric to Write Poetry?
 Blesok no. 87 November-December, 2012
  Ivan Djeparoski: A Post-Modern Approach: Literature and Memoirs as Memory and Archive
  Jasminka Markovska: Finding Freedom, Understanding Necessity
  Ognjen Kojanić: Monet's Haystacks: Situated Knowledge, Creation, and Revolution
 Blesok no. 86 September-October, 2012
  Sašo Dimoski: It Is I, Vicente!
  Nina Mileva: Confessional writing as portrayed in the works of Augustine, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Virginia Woolf
 Blesok no. 85 July-August, 2012
  Angelina Banović-Markovska: From Totalitarian to Transcultural Public Awareness
 Blesok no. 84 May-June, 2012
  Nikolina Stojanova: The Savage Detectives
 Blesok no. 83 March-April, 2012
  Magdalena Dimčevska: The Body and Institutions
  Jelena Nikodinoska: (American) ‘Women-Others’
 Blesok no. 82 January-February, 2012
  Ana Jakimska: Balkan Art after the Conflict?
  Ljubica Spaskovska: Balkan Heteroglossias
 Blesok no. 80-81 September-December, 2011
  Nataša Sardžoska: Transcendental convection of the Face in the movie Persona by Bergman
  Darija Žilić: Dear Ana
 Blesok no. 77-79 March-August, 2011
  Amir Or: The Smokers
 Blesok no. 76 January-February, 2011
  Jelena Lužina: An Essay on Manipulation
 Blesok no. 75 November-December, 2010
  Zlatko Kramarić: On Name and Identity
 Blesok no. 74 September-October, 2010
  Ján Gavura: Poetry since 1945
  Zvonko Taneski: Closing Remarks On Ján Ondruš’ Poetry
  Stanislava Chrobáková Repar: Dedication to the Path
  John Minahane: Kolenič and His Inspirations
 Blesok no. 71-73 March-August, 2010
  Elizabeta Bakovska: Stranstvuvanje and Provintialism
 Blesok no. 70 January-February, 2010
  Nataša Sardžoska: To Live Is To Dance Tango
 Blesok no. 69 November-December, 2009
  Vesna Mojsova-Čepiševska, Duško Krstevski: The Word versus the Picture
  Nataša Sardžoska: Loneliness of the shape
 Blesok no. 67-68 July-October, 2009
  Natalija Jovanović: Degrees of Otherness: Fetishisation of the ‘West’
 Blesok no. 66 May-June, 2009
  Slađan Lipovec: On the Green Field Bordered with Lines and Flags
 Blesok no. 65 March-April, 2009
  Jelena Lužina: The Specific Features and Alienation of the Dramatic/Theatre Memory
 Blesok no. 64 January-February, 2009
  Jasna Koteska: Where Do You Stand While You Create Your Work?
 Blesok no. 63 November-December, 2008
  Aleš Debeljak: The Sleeplessness and Poetry of Witness
  Elizabeta Bakovska: A Dialogue with Our Predecessors
 Blesok no. 61-62 July-October, 2008
  Gjoko Zdravеski: Prince Marko's Strength is Broken – The Day After
  Jasna Koteska: Absent Fathers
 Blesok no. 60 May-June, 2008
  Kristina Nikolovska: Where After the Last Poetry of Ante?
  Elizabeta Bakovska: Between Men's and Women's Topics, between the Public and the Private
 Blesok no. 59 March-April, 2008
  Elizabeta Lindner: “Rapacious or Greedy for Money?”
 Blesok no. 58 January-February, 2008
  Elizabeta Šeleva: The Novel as a Philosophy of Remembering
  Elizabeta Bakovska: The Subject with Macedonian Women Prose Writers
 Blesok no. 57 November-December, 2007
  Ana Stojanoska: The New Face of Theatre Museology
  Jelena Lužina: Darkness as National Drama
 Blesok no. 56 September-October, 2007
  Peter Nicholson: Poetry and Culture
  Elizabeta Bakovska: In the Small Rooms of the Pink Ghetto
 Blesok no. 55 July-August, 2007
  John Frow: The Literary Frame
  Liljana Mazova: Dušan Jovanović – Game of Faith and Humanity
 Blesok no. 54 May-June, 2007
  George Mitrevski: Anna Karenina: Specular Moments in the Lover's Discourse
 Blesok no. 53 March-April, 2007
  Naum Panovski: New Old Times in the Balkans: The Search for a Cultural Identity
 Blesok no. 52 January-February, 2007
  Jessica Gearhart: An Introductory Exploration of the Concept of Balkan in Art
 Blesok no. 51 November-December, 2006
  Iztok Osojnik: The Balkans Outside the Balkanalian Violence of Uni-nationality
  Sašo Gazdič: An Answer Bouquet
  Primož Repar: Zone, the Forbidden City
 Blesok no. 50 September-October, 2006
  Mitja Čander: From Messiah to Debt Collector
  Hans Groenewegen: A dead-accurate desire
 Blesok no. 49 July-August, 2006
  Angelina Banović-Markovska: An Essay on Creation and Destruction
 Blesok no. 48 May-June,2006
  Umberto Eco: The art of creating a legend
 Blesok no. 47 March-April, 2006
  Aleš Debeljak: Reconstructing Europeanism?
 Blesok no. 46 January-February, 2006
  Mitja Čander: Correspondence with Time
 Blesok no. 45 November-December, 2005
  Martin Pogačar: Singing Cities: Images of the City in Ex-Yu Popular Music
 Blesok no. 44 September-October, 2005
  Cyril Wong: Heidegger's and Derrida's Notions of Language and Difference
  Andrej Blatnik: Dinner for Four
 Blesok no. 43 July-August, 2005
  Michael Zeller: On Translation
 Blesok no. 42 May-June, 2005
  Erica Johnson Debeljak: Gained in Translation
 Blesok no. 41 March-April, 2005
  Umberto Eco: Eternal Fascism
 Blesok no. 40 January-February, 2005
  Muharem Bazdulj: A Twilight Encounter
  Igor Štiks: The Balkans are Somewhere Else
 Blesok no. 39 November-December, 2004
  Antonin Artaud: Manifesto In Clear Language
  Sonja Dimoska: The Phylosophical Aspects of the Chinese Landscape Painting
 Blesok no. 38 September-October, 2004
  Antjie Krog: Address with poetry and song: African Forgiveness – too sophisticated for the West
 Blesok no. 37 July-August, 2004
  Mariet Meester: Oblomov as a woman
 Blesok no. 36 May-June, 2004
  Kenneth L. Woodward: In the Beginning, There Were the Holy Books
 Blesok no. 35 March-April, 2004
  Dejan Ničevski: Ugliness Overcome
  Dejan Ničevski: Point of View
 Blesok no. 34 September-October, 2003
  Igor Štiks: World without Corto
 Blesok no. 33 July-August, 2003
  Tomislav Osmanli: The Boiling Pot Called Skopje
 Blesok no. 32 May-June, 2003
  Aleš Debeljak: Celebration of the Impossible
  Ana Dimiškovska - Trajanoska: Ema
 Blesok no. 31 March-April, 2003
  Jordančo Sekulovski: Virtuosity of Truth
  Silvana Dimitrovska: Towards the Two Outcomes of Epistemological Revolution
 Blesok no. 30 January-February, 2003
  Ričard Ivanišević: Self-portraits of the genius
  Srđan V. Tešin: Is a Fairytale a Labyrinth?
 Blesok no. 29 November-December, 2002
  Aleksandar Stamatov: The Influence of Ontology on Philosophy of Politics in Ancient China
 Blesok no. 28 September-October, 2002
  Draško Mitrikjeski: Zen in the Japanese arts
 Blesok no. 27 July-August, 2002
  Derek Gatherer: Macromemetics
 Blesok no. 26 May-June, 2002
  Glenn Grant: Memes: Introduction
  Aleš Debeljak: In Search of an Archetype
  Igor Isakovski: My Balkans
 Blesok no. 25 March-April, 2002
  Sean Fenty: Sprouting the Line
  Charles Ess: Modernity and Postmodernism in “Hypertext Notes”
 Blesok no. 24 January-February, 2002
  Julia Wood: Oscar Wilde, Censorship and the Moral Art of Living
  Luciano Floridi: Ethics in the infosphere
 Blesok no. 23 October-November, 2001
  Stephanie Semler: Peter Greenaway and Nietzsche's Eternal Return
  Donald MacGregor: “2001”
 Blesok no. 22 August-September, 2001
  Dinko Delić: I Love You, Sweet Creature
  Ana Dimiškovska - Trajanoska: Weaving the Absent
 Blesok no. 21 June-July, 2001
  Malcom X: Coming to an Awareness of Language
  George Orwell: Politics and the English Language
 Blesok no. 20 April-May, 2001
  Ferid Muhić: The Signpost and the Road
 Blesok no. 19 February-March, 2001
  Mary Deveraux: The Philosophical Status of Aesthetics
 Blesok no. 18 January, 2001
  Aleš Debeljak: Europe, America and the Atlantic Bridge
  Aleš Debeljak: Cautious Necessity of State Rituals
 Blesok no. 17 October-November, 2000
  Francis Bacon: Thoughts
 Blesok no. 16 August-September, 2000
  Umberto Eco: From Internet To Gutenberg
  Kristina Zimbakova: The Circle Opens - There Is Life Outside
 Blesok no. 15 June-July, 2000
  Melanija Šerdenkovska: Bogomil Movement and its Implications
  Petar Volnarovski: Humanism, Nobility, Virtues... Film?
 Blesok no. 14 April-May, 2000
  Salam Hawa: Language as Freedom in Sartre's Philosophy
 Blesok no. 13 February-March, 2000
  Elizabeta Šeleva: Otherness as a Fatal Strategy
  Ante Popovski: The Song of Creation and Re-creation
  Ferid Muhić: The Agitated Angel
 Blesok no. 12 January, 2000
  Aldo Tassi: The Metaphysics of Performance
 Blesok no. 118 March-April, 2018
  Dijana Petrova: Eros/Thanatos – Frida/Slavenka
 Blesok no. 117 December, 2017
  Max Beerbohm: GOING OUT FOR A WALK
 Blesok no. 116 October-November, 2014
  Aleksandra Jurukoska: Why Is a Poetic Image Built, or on the Reification of the Poems “The Red Wheelbarrow”
 Blesok no. 114-115 July-August, 2017
  Kristina Božurska: Migration of art in other places/spaces
 Blesok no. 113 May-June, 2017
  Sonja Srinivasan: Time for Rhyme: Revisiting our Love of Poetry
 Blesok no. 112 March-April, 2017
  Jüri Talvet: Comparative Literature, World Literature and Ethical Literary Criticism. Literature’s “Infra-Other”
  Dimoski Sašo: Love as Post-Market Category
 Blesok no. 111 January, 2017
  Kalina Maleska: A Will to Questioning
  Ana Martinoska: A Strange and Wonderful Synthesis
 Blesok no. 110 October-November, 2016
  Kalina Maleska: 500 Years since Thomas More’s Utopia: Transformation of Utopian Ideas
 Blesok no. 108-109 July-August, 2016
  Michel Foucault: The History of Sexuality
 Blesok no. 107 May 2016
 Blesok no. 106 March-April, 2016
  Katica Kulavkova: The Principle of Freedom vs. The Traps of Fear
 Blesok no. 105 January, 2016
  John Stuart Mill: What is Poetry? -excerpt
 Blesok no. 103-104 December, 2015
  Michael Hanne: The Power of the Story
 Blesok no. 101-102 November-December, 2015
  Thomas Hobbes: On the Natural Condition of Mankind
 Blesok no. 10-11 August-November, 1999
  Hugh Bredin: Ironies and Paradoxes
 Blesok no. 100 September, 2015
  Elizabeta Lindner: For Igor Isakovski
  Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska: An Undelivered Letter
  Josip Osti: He Wrote as He Lived and He Lived as He Wrote
  Gorjana Jordanovska: Igor
 Blesok no. 09 June-July, 1999
  Rastko Močnik: The Neanderthal's Whistle
  Ferid Muhić: The Czar of Birds
 Blesok no. 08 April-May, 1999
  Péter Krastzev: On the Far Side of Normality
 Blesok no. 07 February-March, 1999
  David Albahari: The Burden of Mimicry
  Suzana Milevska: Art Criticism and Self-reference
 Blesok no. 06 January, 1999
  Washington Irving: Traits of Indian Character
 Blesok no. 05 October-November, 1998
  Melanija Šerdenkovska: House - Symbol
  Ana Dimiškovska - Trajanoska: The Limits of Language, Limits of the World?
 Blesok no. 04 August-September, 1998
  Ferid Muhić: Ecstasy and Conspiracy
 Blesok no. 03 June-July, 1998
  Manuel Maria Carrilho: Rhetoric and Perspectivism
 Blesok no. 02 April-May, 1998
  Ermis Lafazanovski: The Concept of the World in Macedonian Folk Legends
  Ana Dimiškovska - Trajanoska: Melancholy
 Blesok no. 01 March, 1998
  Ferid Muhić: On Macedonia
  Aleksandar Prokopiev: Internet in Action

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