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 Blesok no. 99 November-December, 2014
  Meša Begić: Bill Callahan
 Blesok no. 98 September-October, 2014
  Mehmed Begić: Nick Cave: First Four Encounters
 Blesok no. 97 July-August, 2014
  Mehmed Begić: In the Name of Cohen
 Blesok no. 96 May-June, 2014
  Toni Dimkov: Astatke the Noble and Foltin the Furious
 Blesok no. 95 March-April, 2014
  Mehmed Begić: Last Post, Tucson: Heart is a cactus garden
 Blesok no. 92 September-October, 2013
  Tina Ivanova: Skopje Jazz Festival – A Fertile Soul Bearing Rare Fruit
 Blesok no. 91 July-August, 2013
  Tina Ivanova: “7 Stories” for Seven Moods
 Blesok no. 90 May-June, 2013
  Tina Ivanova: An Epic Journey with OFF-Fest
 Blesok no. 89 March-April, 2013
  Tina Ivanova: I started with The Beatles and Had to Carry on its Musical Path
 Blesok no. 88 January-February, 2013
  Toni Dimkov: Dedication compels us to aim higher
 Blesok no. 86 September-October, 2012
  Tina Ivanova: Skopje Enriched by the World Jazz Horizons
  Bojan Šaševski: An Album to Listen to, With Lungs Wide Open
 Blesok no. 85 July-August, 2012
  Sami Jarroush: Jack White, Blunderbass
  Darija Andovska: Emotional Manipulation and the Alienation Effect
 Blesok no. 84 May-June, 2012
  Randall Roberts: Dr. John's “Locked Down”
 Blesok no. 83 March-April, 2012
  Darija Andovska: Taking a Closer Look
  Nikita Ramkissoon: The Black Keys – El Camino
 Blesok no. 82 January-February, 2012
  Darija Andovska: Waiting for the Spring
 Blesok no. 80-81 September-December, 2011
  Elizabeta Bakovska: To Starowski’s First “Album” and Their Interpretation of the Macedonian Poetry
 Blesok no. 74 September-October, 2010
  Vlna: Three music names
 Blesok no. 71-73 March-August, 2010
  Igor Isakovski: Music, poems and lyrics in “Swimming in the Dust”
 Blesok no. 69 November-December, 2009
  Ilina Jakimovska: Тom, We Are Waitsing...
  Austin L. Ray: Tom Waits: Glitter and Doom Live
 Blesok no. 66 May-June, 2009
  Ivan Kapec: The Beat Busters – a Network of New Change
 Blesok no. 65 March-April, 2009
  Edna Gundersen: It's all good on Bob Dylan's “Together through Life”
  Tina Ivanova: “Porta Macedonia” – a Fierce and Melancholic Album
  Shane Harrison: A welcome return to the musical borderlands
 Blesok no. 64 January-February, 2009
  Tina Ivanova: Cheap Fabric and Miracle Socks
 Blesok no. 61-62 July-October, 2008
  Vasja Ivanovski: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival 2008
 Blesok no. 60 May-June, 2008
  Various authors: Radost! Liberates
  Dojrana Prokopieva: Interview with Hajdi Elzeser, Artwork Ensemble, Germany
 Blesok no. 59 March-April, 2008
  Vasja Ivanovski: Recommended music
  Dojrana Prokopieva: A Conversation with the Conductor Borjan Canev
  Dojrana Prokopieva: “Project Žlust” Concert with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra
  Vasja Ivanovski: Vlatko Stefanovski is recording a blues album
 Blesok no. 58 January-February, 2008
  Vasja Ivanovski: Recommended Albums
 Blesok no. 57 November-December, 2007
  Toni Dimkov: Retro-cabaret “Circo Europia”
 Blesok no. 56 September-October, 2007
  Angel Sitnovski – Boys: An Atmosphere of Warmth and Spontaneity
  Angel Sitnovski – Boys: When the Poet Sleeps with the Angels
 Blesok no. 55 July-August, 2007
  Vasja Ivanovski: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival 2007
 Blesok no. 54 May-June, 2007
  Vasja Ivanovski: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival, 2007
 Blesok no. 53 March-April, 2007
  Vasja Ivanovski: Recommended Albums
 Blesok no. 52 January-February, 2007
  Amy Frishkey: Bottling Jazzy
  Vasja Ivanovski: Crosscut Records News
 Blesok no. 50 September-October, 2006
  Alan Light: Tom Petty – Highway Companion
  Joe Levy: Bob Dylan – Modern Times
  Noel Murray: Tom Petty – Highway Companion
 Blesok no. 49 July-August, 2006
  Vasja Ivanovski: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival 2006
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Crazy Japanese in the Land of Broken Beats
 Blesok no. 48 May-June,2006
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Ljubojna with Macedonian Music for the 21st Century
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Dreams and Silent Calms
  Vasja Ivanovski: Dixiefrog Records 20th Anniversary
 Blesok no. 47 March-April, 2006
  Vasja Ivanovski: Recommended listening
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Foltin: We fight a guerilla war against the despair
 Blesok no. 46 January-February, 2006
  Ljupčo Jolevski: An Intensed Sound Odyssey Right To The Center Of Freedom
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Innes Sibun
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Macedonia is a Goldmine for Talents
 Blesok no. 45 November-December, 2005
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Bossa-Nova from Rio and Rock'n'Roll from Pernambuco
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Matt O'Ree
  Ljupčo Jolevski: I don't play music with my mind, but with my heart and soul
 Blesok no. 44 September-October, 2005
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Little blues, little rock, much soul
  Ljupčo Jolevski: The Blues and the Flamenco are “brothers in emotion”
 Blesok no. 43 July-August, 2005
  Vasja Ivanovski: Skopje Blues & Soul 2005
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Devon Allman
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Coen Walters
 Blesok no. 42 May-June, 2005
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Fado has something like a watermark
 Blesok no. 41 March-April, 2005
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Zoran Madžirov – Nomad-Musician
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Kiril Džajkovski – Modern musician
 Blesok no. 40 January-February, 2005
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Kobna ubavina – Scream of disagreement to the vultures
  Krum Velkov: Let the One with Ears Hear! Or: Politically incorrect music
 Blesok no. 39 November-December, 2004
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Čalgija is the Pop Music of a Time
 Blesok no. 38 September-October, 2004
  Mike Brannon: Pat Metheny: Speaks of Now
 Blesok no. 37 July-August, 2004
  Nenad Georgievski: Manuel ‘Guajiro’ Mirabal
  Nenad Georgievski: Laika – Communicating Human Emotions
 Blesok no. 36 May-June, 2004
  Barry Goldberg: Story
  Nenad Georgievski: Ibrahim Ferrer – Cuban Legend
 Blesok no. 35 March-April, 2004
  Philip Glass: Music and Technology
 Blesok no. 34 September-October, 2003
  Vasja Ivanovski: Paramecium
  Vasja Ivanovski: Recommended listening
  Nenad Georgievski: Dave Douglas – A Man With Many Interests and Passions
 Blesok no. 33 July-August, 2003
  Vasja Ivanovski: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival, 2003
  Nenad Georgievski: Steve Roach - The Shaman of contemporary electronic music
 Blesok no. 32 May-June, 2003
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Johnny Winter
  Vasja Ivanovski: Recommended albums
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Ry Cooder, The Music Missionary
  Ljupčo Jolevski: The Card Tower Will Endure through the Time
 Blesok no. 31 March-April, 2003
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Toni Kitanovski Trio in “Universal Hall”
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Hopkins - Kitanovski Quartet in “Universal Hall” in Skopje
 Blesok no. 30 January-February, 2003
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Tony Vega
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Interview with Mizar
 Blesok no. 29 November-December, 2002
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Pirates
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Losers
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Coco Montoya
 Blesok no. 28 September-October, 2002
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Faith
  Ljupčo Jolevski: The Sentinels
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Radio: Channel 103
  Nenad Georgievski: Next Generation Brazilian Artists: Moreno Veloso
 Blesok no. 27 July-August, 2002
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Jennifer Batten
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Once in a Lifetime?!
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Love Serenades
  Nenad Georgievski: Interview with David Byrne
 Blesok no. 26 May-June, 2002
  Ljupčo Jolevski: The missing link
  Vasja Ivanovski: An Obligation to Keep the Blues Alive
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Goodbye to the Imaginary World
 Blesok no. 25 March-April, 2002
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Interview with Kiril Dzhajkovski
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Michael Hill
 Blesok no. 24 January-February, 2002
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Interview with Synthesis
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Scott Henderson
 Blesok no. 23 October-November, 2001
  Vasja Ivanovski: Recommended Albums
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Javier Vargas
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Interview with Jim Hall
 Blesok no. 22 August-September, 2001
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Interview with Zlatko Origjanski
  Vasja Ivanovski: Denny Freeman - Gray Eminence of the Texas Blues
  Vasja Ivanovski: Dixiefrog Records
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Two Steps Forwards - One Step in Place
 Blesok no. 21 June-July, 2001
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Koko Taylor
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Interview with Darko Rundek
  Ljupčo Jolevski: The Wild Gallop of the “Horses”
  Ljupčo Jolevski: “The Healer” went into the Light
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Macedonia = Caledonia (?!)
 Blesok no. 20 April-May, 2001
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Kiril: Religion and/or Sex?
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Djivan Gasparian: Heavenly Armenian
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Interview with Djivan Gasparian
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Whoever Hears Me Sing!
 Blesok no. 19 February-March, 2001
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Van Wilks
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Woke Up in Motion
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Brave Silly Songs
 Blesok no. 18 January, 2001
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Sam Andrew
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Balkans' R'n'R Summit
 Blesok no. 17 October-November, 2000
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Ritmistica
  Ljupčo Jolevski: Days of Swallowing of Freedom
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Kim Simmonds
 Blesok no. 16 August-September, 2000
  Ljupčo Jolevski: For Whom the Drums Beat?
  Vasja Ivanovski: Skopje Blues Earthquake
 Blesok no. 15 June-July, 2000
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Matt O'Ree
 Blesok no. 14 April-May, 2000
  Kevin Shopland: Gorgeous View of Fading Music
  Lucy Mallows: Ry Cooder's Buena Vista
 Blesok no. 13 February-March, 2000
  Igor Isakovski: Papa Is a Junkey - A Story On Devotion
  Maja Čanaćević: International Affirmation of the Young Talents
  Macedonian Folk Instruments: tambura
 Blesok no. 12 January, 2000
  Igor Isakovski: The Sound of Morcheeba
  Macedonian Composers: Sotir Golabovski
 Blesok no. 118 March-April, 2018
 Blesok no. 117 December, 2017
  Mehmed Begić: Coltrane & Welch: WALK OF LIFE AND DARK HOLE OF THE ELEVATOR
 Blesok no. 116 October-November, 2014
  Mehmed Begić: Webster, Mulligan, Hawkins and the Night that Follows
 Blesok no. 114-115 July-August, 2017
  Mehmed Begić: Thelonious Monk and the Last Days
 Blesok no. 113 May-June, 2017
  Mehmed Begić: Damir Imamović
 Blesok no. 112 March-April, 2017
 Blesok no. 111 January, 2017
  Meša Begić: The Crucified Trumpet Player, A Love Story
 Blesok no. 110 October-November, 2016
  Mehmed Begić: Leonard Cohen
 Blesok no. 108-109 July-August, 2016
  Mehmed Begić: Mehmed Begić selection Blesok 108-109
 Blesok no. 107 May 2016
 Blesok no. 106 March-April, 2016
  Mehmed Begić: PJ Harvey
 Blesok no. 105 January, 2016
  Mehmed Begić: Down Elvis’s Road: Herzegovina Winters and American Prairies
 Blesok no. 103-104 December, 2015
  Mehmed Begić: CAT POWER: Chan Marshall Blues
 Blesok no. 101-102 November-December, 2015
  Mehmed Begić: DEVASTATIONS: Once We Were All Warriors!
  Mehmed Begić: Mark Sandman: The Morpheus of My Night
 Blesok no. 10-11 August-November, 1999
  Igor Isakovski: Give Yourself a Hand!
  Goce Kolarovski: The Genre and Form of the Cantata “The Serdar” by Vlastimir Nikolovski
 Blesok no. 100 September, 2015
  Meša Begić: Correspondence with Nina: Enter Whenever You Like, the Door Is Unlocked
 Blesok no. 09 June-July, 1999
  Igor Isakovski: The Echo of the Light Guitar
  Branka Bugariska: Macedonian Traditional Vocalsinging
  Macedonian Folk Instruments: drum
 Blesok no. 08 April-May, 1999
  Vasja Ivanovski: Interview with Bernard Allison
  Goce Kolarovski: Macedonian Composition School - Yes or No?
  Macedonian Folk Instruments: zurla
 Blesok no. 07 February-March, 1999
  Igor Isakovski: Nikola Dimushevski: Details
  Macedonian artists: Stojan Dimov, clarinet
  Maja Čanaćević: What Kind of Music Do You Prefer?
 Blesok no. 06 January, 1999
  Igor Isakovski: Interview with Gorazd Čapovski
  Macedonian Composers: Tomislav Zografski
  Boris Ortakov: Aculturation as a Possibility for Creation of the Orthodox Monody in Byzantino-Slavonic Music in Macedonia
 Blesok no. 05 October-November, 1998
  Igor Isakovski: Interview with Risto Vrtev
  Macedonian artists: Vasil Atanasov, oboe
 Blesok no. 04 August-September, 1998
  Macedonian Composers: Jana Andreevska
  Tome Mančev: Scientific aspects about the origin of H. Fon Karayan
 Blesok no. 03 June-July, 1998
  Igor Isakovski: Bodan Arsovski: Details
 Blesok no. 02 April-May, 1998
  Pande Šahov: Music of Changes - John Cage
  Maja Čanaćević: Interview with Dragan Dautovski

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exhibition | reviews | video  sound: concert | reviews  theatre: theory | reviews | play


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