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Blesok no. 119May-June, 2018
Sound Reviews


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Ljupčo Jolevski


I Like It When I Am in Insecure, Deep Waters!

    The author, in his vanity, wants to hear his work being played in a hall… At least that is what I do -- it happens that I hide in a dark corner as if I am gone and I look at the reactions of the people. Because, if they see me, hypocrisy is immediately visible -- they either say secretly that it is no good, or they tell you "bravo", while they don't think so or they just laugh. It is good if they don't know that you watch them to see the real reaction. When I see that there are smiling people, that they feel good, that everybody's silent for at least five minutes after leaving the hall, it means that you have managed to take them to your world -- says Kokan Dimuševski, the composer who has recently received the "Panče Pešev" award, the highest professional award that is given by the Association of Composers of Macedonia.
    Kokan Dimuševski is a composer and author of contemporary music whose work can cover a dozen of pages. What is specifically typical about him is his constant creative restlessness. He recorded his first album when he was 17 as a keyboard player, composer and arrangement maker of LEB I SOL, which have a legendary status. He won the "7 SKOJ Secretaries" award with them; the band won the "Best Band" award in 1978, then given by the influential music magazine "Jukebox", and the music that they made for the theatre play "The Liberation of Skopje" directed by Ljubiša Ristik was also quite successful. Later, it opened new creative spaces for Dimuševski. On top of his engagement as a piano player for MRTV's Big Band he was solely dedicated to theatre music for a period, and for his work on this area he received two significant awards -- those from "Sterjino pozorje" in Belgrade and "Vojdan Cernodrinski" in Prilep.
    His curiosity for new media threw him in the hands of electronic music, and in 1977 he recorded his first electronic piece in the studios of the national house, and he won the award at the Days of Yugoslav Radio Stations. He repeated his success 13 years later when he made the radio phonic piece "Silyan the Stork", based on the script of Duško Dimitrovski and Marko Kolovski.
    His exploring sprit made his

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