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Blesok no. 03June-July, 1998
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The Fragile Giant

p. 1
Georgi Vasilevski

The great national tragedies doesn’t have to became, by any price, a myth which poetics stands as a guardian of the rich heritage on people’s wisdom, it’s heroics and sufferings. We didn’t inherit, in our tradition – like the myth about Krale Marko (King Marko) or about the heroes of Ilinden – any mythic references about the tragedy of the Karpoš Uprising. The myth has closed its fort’s gates of safety and life-maintaining in the face of the Prometheus-like men like the Mythropolit Theodosius also. But then again, the herostratic deeds of the Salonika Assassins (Solun Gemidgies), about which, indeed, the European historians are interested also, found in the myth safe shelter and guarantees for protection of their historical importance.
    This caprice of the myth – to select which events or persons will put under its historical protection against the oblivion – isn’t our tradition’s exclusivity only. It occurs in western civilizations also, with intensity and prevalence which changes the history’s constellation and threats to endanger the basic authenticity of the already confirmed historical facts. The efforts of the French Templars (XII – XIV century) to revive the human image and the teaching of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and his actual historical meaning – is only one example of many, when the myth, in conspiracy with the history, takes away (even to the most daring spirits) the right to step into its kingdom of non-oblivion.
    Today in this global village, seems that the tyranny of non-responsibility and indolence which are emerging those many new “Towers of Babylon’ with, is growing stronger and stronger. I’m afraid that this situation is on a way to erode the very basics of mythic inspirations in whole. The lucid observations of Roland Bart, in which – this great authority – defines this phenomenon as birth and construction of something that is widely spoken about, and it becomes a “speech obsession” – I think of them as something that is overcome by far. At least when we speak about their actuality now. The last decade or two, when we speak of the film – the catastrophic obsessions, the fear, the cataclysmic visions and the tremor expectations of some biblical end – all those are getting mythic dimensions. The destiny of Hiroshima, in the sub-conscience of the Chernobyl coevals is spreading on the destiny of the whole human kind. Their future, according the findings of Ruben Kowalski

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